Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend trip - awhile ago

So one of Matthew's good friends sent us a wedding invite the first part of May for their wedding on the 23rd I think in Bountiful, Utah. Matthew decided kind of last minute we would go and support him in this occasion. (he mostly wanted to go up and see his best friend Josh) But a wedding was a great added bonus.

So we left Thursday night at 8 and drove straight through to SLC and arrived their at 8 the next morning. I don't recommend that! 5 hour energy and a good book on CD will do the trick if needs be though. Anyway Kathryn did pretty good. Slept most of the time and got up a few times.

It rained on us the whole way through Arizona, some of it was pretty bad. Bad enough we had to slow down anyway.
Thank you to Danny who was home to watch Kathryn while we slept for a few hours to recuperate from the drive.

Friday night we played some games with Josh and Danny and then went to sleep kind of early. Matthew, Kathryn and I went to the wedding luncheon Saturday afternoon. It was held at a mansion on the hill over looking the bountiful temple. The girl Delma married works for a investment company and they let them use the company retreat for their wedding and guests.

The mansion was awesome and we only got to see some of it. It had and upstairs with bedrooms and the main floor had a few bedrooms each with their own bathroom a huge gourmet kitchen and a huge theatre. That was fun! It had one entire wall that was floor to ceiling window over looking Bountiful valley. It was beautiful. Downstairs there was a pool, basketball court, bowling, ski ball, and ping pong.

They had the wedding here cause I believe the wife is a convert. I can't say how the ceremony went cause Kathryn wasn't being very quiet so I spent my time in the theatre chasing her around.

The reception was very nice. I loved the decorations. Delma married a Chinese girl and well it was Chinese all the way. The food was amazing and everything was just perfect. I"m glad we got to go and wish the happy couple luck and good fortune.

After that we went to Josh's Brothers house for games and crepe's. Can I say I will have to learn how to make crepe's like his brother. It was so YUMMY! Peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, with honey, and some really yummy granola that his wife made. And then another I had to try cause it was homemade chocolate syrup, was strawberry's and ice cream with the granola and chocolate dripped on it. To die for. (wish I had some of those on my loading days)

On Sunday we went to Church with Josh and Danny and then headed home to stay half way there with my Aunt and Uncle in Fredonia. We stopped in Colorado City to get some gas and decided to get a little of Kathryn's wiggles out and walk across the border and back. This was also Matthew's first time seeing actually polygamists before. We got to see two sets of aunts and uncles that weekend and two of my cousins. Then we drove home Monday (Memorial day). It took us so freaking long to get home cause of traffic. Next time we take the turn off before Anthem and go through Cave Creek!

I don't have many pictures of the trip but wanted to get this in as I'm not so good at writing in my journal. I have to write about my life on here.

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Michelle said...

Last minute trips are the best!! Kathryn is soooo cute!