Thursday, December 31, 2009

After a Day of learning

So I've joined a great Yahoo group for Spina Bifida Moms and Dads and it has been so helpful. I've been contacted by so many already that I feel really encouraged.

I've taken yesterday and all day today till our consultation today to think and absorb all the things I can learn from the Internet and peoples comments. I was thinking the worst. Not knowing anything about SB. And what I've learned is that it is not as bad as I was thinking. She will have some problems and probably lots of doctor visits but she will still be our little angel from heaven.

One of the comments I got from a mom of a child with SB was that 'if she would have known how wonderful life would be with her child, she wouldn't have been so scared. ' I'll take that as the best advice I could get and think about how wonderful it's going to be.

I learned more about my options if I don't use the MOM's trial. It sounds just as good or maybe better. I wouldn't have to leave the state for 12 weeks and live in a hospital living center.

The first day was definitely the hard part. But after two days of absorbing what our little girl will be like, I can't wait to learn what I as her mother can do for her. To see how much love and hope I can have for her. To see how Kathryn will be the best big sister ever. To see her grow and develop and become the best person she can be.


Cassie said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes. Your baby doesn't know it yet, but she is so blessed to have you as her mom. It can be a bumpy ride but it's a good one. SB kiddos are super special and so are their parents.

Sankat said...

That is so wonderful that you found a group of supportive ladies (and maybe men) online! I have support groups online and they are so wonderful.
You sound like you are preparing yourself very well for the adventure you are about to embark on.

Rachel said...

My prayers are with you and your sweet baby, Heather! Much love from Tucson, Rachel and Sophia :)

Dan said...

Wow. We're here for ya too! I love how we can all learn together!

Dan said...

That last comment was made by Rebecca W.

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Hi...I have been reading your blog. My daughter, Ciaran, has spina bifida as well.

Do you live in AZ??


Leigh and Andy said...

HI, I just stumbled across your blog and had to leave a comment. :) My son, 10 months old, was born with SB. I can't imagine my life without him! He has been such a blessing to our family! The one thing that I can tell you, is that pregnancy is BY FAR the hardest part of this whole journey. There are so many unanswered questions. Once your little girl is here, you really will wonder what you were so worried about! :)

prayers for your family

Rogers Family said...

It's crazy how life can totally throw you a curve ball sometimes. I think it's so wonderful how you are trying to learn as much as you can about her disease. That right there make you a WONDERFUL mother. You are awesome! Love ya girly, you will be in my prayers.

Joanna and David said...

Hi! I'm glad you found our blog. :) You read our story so you know all about what we went through and I can tell you like the other moms have said - these miracle babies are amazing! There is nothing different about my little Jet except that I am WAY more in love with him than I ever thought possible. The biggest comfort to me was meeting with the neurosurgeon who told me how the surgery would go and how my baby would be "just like any other newborn" once the opening healed and we got him home. :) HE was SO right! We are LOVING being parents and it is way more normal than not. There will always be things to worry about with our children - but we get through it and the blessings are abundant! Relax - it is all going to be BETTER than okay. :) The pregnancy is the hardest part - waiting and worrying - but once she's here you'll see her and realize it's all just fine! Take one day at a time - you can't know everything and that was the hardest part for me - but when do we ever know everything? Never. :) Life is about waiting. This will only make you a stronger mother to your precious girls. I'll be praying for you. Please feel free to ask me ANYTHING!