Monday, December 14, 2009

Me and Three Teenagers

Last weekend I had my foreign exchange students stay with me. Rika came Friday around 2pm and then Carolina didn't get here until after 8pm. Rika wanted to go walk around a mall. She misses the city life. She is living in Eager this school year. We went to Fiesta Mall which I should have done differently cause it's not even a good mall. But she found a sweater she wanted and then went to Old Navy to get a gift for her brother.

My neighbor was excited to meet her as he served his mission in Germany and wanted someone to speak German with. They talked for a good long time and she even got to ride on his motorcycle. I think it was her first time on a motorcycle. maybe but she was very impressed!!!
Oh yes I have to mention, see Rika's shoes. Kathryn loved her boots! When she took them off Kathryn went over and gave them back to her saying boots, boots, wanting her to put them back on.

They girls slept on an air mattress in my front room and I got them up at 6:30am the next morning to get on an airplane to San Francisco for the weekend. They had a blast! loved every bit of it. They couldn't even tell me what they liked the best cause it was all the best. They all said they'd love to live there, well there or New York City! They certainly are city kids. Funny they all ended up in tiny towns in Arizona.

They had a long plane delay on Monday cause of the Weather. They were supposed to arrive at 7:30 but didn't get in until 11:30pm. I had the girls again and Alex got to spend the night at John and Micah's. I didn't know what to do with a boy in my tiny house. I'm really glad they let him stay. And even make the Weir special waffles for us all the next morning. We almost didn't make it to take them home cause of the weather as well. Roads were blocked and it had been snowing on the rim and in Showlow all night. But thankfully, ETC paid for a 4wheel drive rental and my dad drove us up to Showlow to drop off Alex then to drop of Rika with her host uncle to go back to Eager then on to Snowflake to drop of Carolina at Brian and Julies. It was 8:00 and 25 degrees outside. I'm so glad I didn't end up staying up there this last week. Holy cow cold!! We then stopped for a chat with Mom and Dad Weir and some Pizza then headed home. I got home about 12:00 am. It worried me when I got home cause I didn't know where Matthew was. I could hear Kathryn sleeping in her room but Matthew wasn't in our room or in the front room or at the computer. He was asleep in Kathryn's room on the floor. Silly guy!

Anyway I had fun with my students and I hope they had an ok time with me as well.

Sorry about not having pictures of the other two. Next time I will be better at getting pictures of them.

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