Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kash and Kathryn

Cousins so close in age. I got to watch Kash this last week because my sister is in CNA school and I got to watch him for a week. It wore me out watching two toddlers. I could hardly keep up. And with all that is going on this coming weeks, I was exhausted each night. I think we went to bed by 9 each night. One night I think I put Matthew in charge of Kathryn and I went to bed like at 7:30.

They were actually really cute together most of the time. There were those moments of jealousy and that's mine and don't touch me, but other then those few times it was fun to have a playmate for Kathryn. One morning Kathryn was awake before he got here and the first thing she said coming out of her room was 'Kash, Kash' where are you'. She was disappointed he wasn't there to play with right at the get go.

I do have to confess though that I am so glad I do not have twins. or multiples of any kind. I guess you would grow into having two at the same age but man One is enough for me. Thinking I wanted to have twins at first.. ha ha not a chance. There is so much of Kathryn to love, how can you spread it around.

I tried getting video of them singing Itsy Bitsy Spider, popcorn popping and Head shoulders Knees and Toes. Here's a taste of one. After I did this I thought, dang I should have turned on some more lights, but I hope the sound is ok.

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