Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma Weir

We decided kind of last minute to go to Snowflake for Christmas. Matthew wanted to spend some time with his family since he will be off to Virginia on the 4th for quite some time.
We left Wednesday night and got there around 9. Their parents and mine we're quite worried cause of the snow and ice. We were fine except for a phantom in the car that turned on the windshield wipers and wouldn't let us turn them off. They turned on just outside Heber and stayed on till we turned on to Matthew's parents street.
There still was snow on the ground in Snowflake when we got there. It doesn't usually snow or stay on the ground in Snowflake so this was a treat. Kathryn loved crunching in the snow the next morning. Every night was like 14 degree's so the last day we were there Kathryn got to do a little Ice Skating and Matthew even dared to get out on the ice. It held him up fine. He only went out like 3 feet from the edge though. I was really nervous for him.

This was my first Christmas away from my family. I missed them but it was really fun to be with Matthew's Parents and one of his Brothers families. I asked about their traditions and for Christmas Eve they all get in the car and go look at the Christmas lights and then back to the parents house for hot chocolate and a reading of Luke 2. We even got to sing some Christmas Carols. Chelsea sang a solo for us. She is quite the singer. She also got out her violin and played one number for us as well.
My families tradition is to read Luke 2 as well but we open up our one gift, Pajamas. So I did that for Kathryn and I. Matthew didn't want any. Christmas morning we slept in and opened presents. Kathryn had so much fun unwrapping the presents. Then after that we had the Weir traditional Cheesy Bacon Waffles. My favorite!! Sorry Shelley no 'eggs al a golden rod'. You're home made bread would have been great to have as toast though.
We just relaxed a lot and I got to take a lot of Naps. It's nice to have built in babysitters with Chelsea around and grandparents who don't get to see their grandchild nearly enough. We got to go see Avatar in 3D in Showlow. It was a great movie. I'm not so sure I like 3D the glasses give me head aches. Maybe if I had contacts instead of having to put the glasses over my own.
Over all it was a great holiday. I'd glad we got to spend so much time with family.

We did my families Christmas on Sunday night. Kathryn got a Kitchen set that I didn't realize had to be put together. Matthew spent about an hour putting it together. She's going to have a lot of fun with it though.

Thank you all for the gifts and fun! We love you!

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