Monday, December 28, 2009

It's a GIRL!!

We had our ultrasound today. Kathryn is going to be a big sister to a baby girl!!

We are so excited. This little girl was being stubborn for our ultrasound tech so I have to go in tomorrow to get another one for all the measurements. I get to take a DVD to get it recorded. I'll see if I can post that tomorrow.

So far names for a girl
Liselle and Adara

We'll see...

This keeps the Turley grandkid's even again. 7 boys and 7 girls!


Sankat said...

YAY! Girls are so much fun! Congrats!

Rogers Family said...

Yay!! Congrats. I'm jealous x2 now, LOL. JK I love my boys. That's so cool that your little daughter gets a sister. Hope you're feeling good.

Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

COngrats on another girl. You will be surrounded by best friends when they grow up.

Love Liselle from "the Book Thief"

shannonb said...

Yeay! How fun! Another girl :) So happy for you!