Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun day with Kathryn

Kathryn got up around 7:30 this morning and saw the Lincoln Logs in the closet and wanted to play with blocks. I got them out and we built houses for the little people. That was a great start of the day. Plus eating waffles, our all time favorite breakfast. As we were playing blocks my mom comes in and asks if I want to go to the temple with her and I said yeah that's a good idea and as soon as I said that Kathryn put her hand on my knee and said "stay mommy, Stay." I couldn't handle that at all. It finally hit me hard that I was about to leave my little girl for what could be potentially 3 months. I decided against the temple and just did some fun things with Kathryn.

We first went over to my friend DaNelle's to see their new baby goats. They are only a week old and can run faster then I can for sure. They were so cute and Kathryn had a lot of fun chasing and petting them. These are way better then the goats at the Zoo. DaNelle's husband Kevin even let Kathryn ride on the mommy goat.

Isn't that just the greatest face. But poor little goat.
Then here is Lydia and Kathryn holding these little cuties. This almost made me want to have cute little goats as well. Maybe if we can get the kind of yard they have we might consider it!
We then went off to McDonald's for lunch. Kathryn ate most of her frie's and even took a few bites of her hamburger before she was interested in going to play in the playground. She loves climbing up in these play things. She was squealing the whole time, just having the time of her life. She must have played to hard cause she fell asleep in the car before we got to the next destination. I picked up her potty chair from the house to take to my mom's. Kathryn has been taking off her diaper and wanting to go pee pee in the potty. She's gone a few times the last two days. It's a bad thing when she brought me her diaper that she already had pooped in though. I guess it's time to get some panties.

My parents have a dog named Charlie. Kathryn just loves this dog. Wants to do everything the dog does. This dog is funny in that it likes to sleep on the back of the couch. So of course that is where Kathryn likes to lay down when she has a chance. It scares me to have her up there. This dog keeps Kathryn so entertained sometimes. I think it's a good thing he's here cause I'm sure she won't miss me that much with Charlie to keep her company.

I'm going to miss my little, I mean big girl. I know and feel we are doing the right thing for baby Charlotte. Giving her the best care we can, so I know Kathryn will be taken care of if we're gone for 3 months, but it doesn't make it any easier to leave. I leave tomorrow evening and could be gone for quite a long time. I'll have to miss her birthday if that is the case. Thank goodness for things like Skype Video and email for some good pictures that I'm going to demand from my family. She's already so grown up from when Matthew left and that was just 3 weeks. She's saying prayers now, which is so Cute! I love it. Makes me so proud every time I hear her say them. She's learning to obey and do what I ask her. She still gets her way a lot of the time. I'm sure a softy but she's learning and so am I. I'm going to miss her so much but I know she's going to be in good hands. Thanks in advance to Rachel, my parents and Matthew's parents, and Jessica for helping take care of our little sunshine.



Cassie said...

Praying for you and your family.

Joanna and David said...

Kathryn is so beautiful! I know it will be so hard to be without her - but she will be fine and so will you guys and when you're all back together again (and with baby Charlotte!) any sadness and worries will melt away. Stay strong. :) God will help you both be at peace. We will pray for you.

Captain Micah said...

Heather, are these all taken with your new camera? They turned out great! I am so glad you got such a fun, useful toy. Keep the pictures coming! Love you!