Wednesday, January 20, 2010

San Francisco Here We Come

So I finally got my amnio results back and all is good to go. I've been on the phone all afternoon with the people at MOM's scheduling flights and insurance companies and all that. I leave Phoenix at 5:50 on Sunday afternoon and Matthew leaves VA at 4:30 and I get to San Fran 30 minutes before he does.

We start our evaluations on Monday the 25th for all day testing and education and talking with surgeons and more testing to make sure that we qualify for the study. Then by Tuesday night we have to say yes we want to continue with the study or no thank you. If we say yes they put us in the computer right then and we find out if we will be staying and have surgery on Thursday the 28th or we come home Wednesday afternoon to come back in 12 weeks.

If we do have to stay we're planning on bringing my mom and Kathryn out in March for my mom's Spring Break. They will have to bring our car seat and other baby things we will need to bring our little Charlotte home. It's going to be really hard to be away from Kathryn for so long. I've only been gone from her for 3 days and that was hard enough. Thank goodness for Skype that we can video conference with her even if we just get to look at her.

I'm also very thankful for Matthew's new employment for letting him come with me for the study. I have to have a support person and his new job is letting him telecommute from San Fran! They have been so supportive and just willing to help us out. We are so blessed to have gotten this position at this time. I don't know what we would have done otherwise. I think the study would have not been one of our options.

Did you catch the name for our little one earlier. Yep we've chosen a name for this little angel, Charlotte Adara. I think it fits her well and Kathryn can even say her name.

Well, Wish us luck, keep us in your prayers and we will for sure keep you posted!


Captain Micah said...

We love you! Your family is on our prayers!

Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

Good luck! And adorable name!

Sankat said...

I hope all goes well. that is wonderful that Matthew's job is so understanding. What is he doing exactly?
Cute name BTW

Amanda said...

Good luck with it all..I wish I lived closer so I could help in some way, but my prayers will have to do! By the way LOVE her name...Charlotte is what I voted for!

xoxoxox for the great white north!

The Youngs said...

I will keep you guys in my prayers. And I like the name you chose! It flows well :)

Joanna and David said...

Beautiful name! We'll be thinking about you guys - best of luck and hang in there! :)

Chuck and Katie said...

Just wanted to say good luck and I hope everything goes well.

shannonb said...

Good luck! And that is a pretty name for her :)