Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kathryn's First Hair Cut

This is Kathryn's first professional Haircut. I got my hair colored and cut so I could look extra HOT for Matthew when I see in tomorrow. While I was there I had Jill look at Kathryn's and see if she could use a little trim. She just evened out her bangs and made the bottom even. About an inch in the very back. I got to save the trimmings for her baby book. She looked so cute sitting in that chair. Especially with the black drape with Kathryn's stark white hair. She did so well too. No squirming for the cutting part just got a little overwhelmed with the doing part.

Here's the finished product. She got all wiggly before I could get a good picture.

Thanks Jill, My hair looks great and so does Kathryn's!

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