Thursday, January 7, 2010

Updates on Baby #2

I'm still picking out names. Thanks for those who have done my poll so far. I think I have one I'm leaning towards but it might be overturned by the votes I get.

I have all my medical records sent and received to the MOM's study. We have a conference call on Monday with one of the coordinator's sometime after my Amnio. I should have a packet at the house from them with consent forms and such to fill out and send back. I'll be doing that tomorrow. I found some awesome youtube video's that the study put out a year ago. There is a series of 8 videos. Very enlightening.

I got the referral to a perinatologist, the high risk OB doctor. Phoenix Perinatal Associates. I need to call them to make my first appointment tomorrow. Because if I get chosen for the post-natal surgery I would come back home and do all my regular care at home until about 36 weeks when I would go back for delivery at 37 weeks.

Matthew might be coming home sooner then the 3 months. Everyone there is saying why he's there in the first place when he could be doing all of his job telecommute. So that is a good sign that we will be able to go with and be with me for the trial.

I'm doing pretty good. Emotionally I'm ok. Not perfect. I still have feelings of loneliness and sadness. But I think that is mostly because of having Matthew gone. It hasn't even been a week and I'm missing him terribly. Living with my parents is weird but doable. I still would rather be here then be staying at my house alone. I go back every other day to pack things up and to just be on my own. Being at my parents I watch a lot of TV which I haven't done in years. I get my occasional Hulu episode but not like having a TV on all the time. I do like that Kathryn has a cartoon to watch while I take a shower. She got to watch Sesame Street and curious George today.

Well there's an update. I will know about 2 weeks after my Amnio on Monday when I will go to one of the centers for evaluation. Hopefully sooner cause I'm 22 weeks today and this has to be done by 25 weeks......


Sankat said...

So, what is this job that he is doing? That would be sooo hard to have your husband gone for 3 months. At least you are able to live at your parents house. That would be great if he could end up telecommuting!!
I hope all does well with that study! Will you have to live at the hospital if you do do it?

Amber said...

I'm so sorry I haven't called you yet! Just know you are in my prayers! I didn't know you had moved to your parents either. Come over any time!

Reid Family 5 said...

Hello, I came across your blog through a prayer request from a friend of a friend of a friend. I just had a friend who delivered 4 and a half months ago with a little girl with spina bifida. The doctors told her there were so many things wrong and she should also consider termination because the baby would not survive much after delivery. With lots of prayers and support, she decided to continue the pregnancy and let God determine her fate. When baby Lilly was born she could mover her legs and do other amazing things everyone was shocked about. She had the surgery the day she was born and now she is a perfect little miracle with little to no problems so far. If you are delivering at Desert Hosp. ask for a consult with Dr Waterkotte. He is a wonderful Neonatologist. Best Wishes