Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sleep or not to Sleep

This post is dedicated to my friend and old roommates blog, Who needs sleep?

I've come up with the worst part of staying with my parents. SLEEPING IN THE SAME ROOM AS KATHRYN! I've been here 2 weeks now and I've only gotten 1 full nights sleep.

Kathryn starts out in here own bed on the floor but by between 11 and 3 she's up and in my bed kicking around and wiggling and kicking the wall...

There have been a few times that she has got up with me and went to sleep but those are few and far between. Those nights are better but I fall asleep and then wakeup cause I find her right next to me so I can't move. Which for a pregnant women is not pleasant. So I wake up sore from being on my back most of the night.

Last night I was up from 11:30 to 4 trying to get her to sleep on her bed or up with me but to not move. and then to make things worse I had a big dinner that decided it needed to come up with some really bad heart burn. A couple of tums and a drink of water mixed with baking soda later I got in bed propped the pillows up and just sat there thinking about getting up and just leaving Kathryn in the room and coming to make this post. But She would have cried and followed me in here anyway. So now at 7:30 she thinks its time to get up and play with my parents dog Charley and watch Wonder Pets. Thank goodness for cartoons in the mornings. Gives me time to wake up and shower.

So I'm just wondering if I should move back home and see if she'll sleep in her bed and stay there or just let her have my bed and I'll sleep on her crib mattress. I might get more sleep on her bed. ha ha

Oh and no pictures yet cause Kathryn broke the camera over Christmas at grandpa and grandma weir's.


Captain Micah said...

Move home! You need all the sleep you can get right now, Mrs. Soon-To-Be-Mommy-#2! Come back to the awesome (and Latina music-infested) neighorhood!

Liz said...

Do you want to borrow our pack-n-play? We even have a mattress for it, so Kathryn doesn't have to sleep on the hard mattress. I know it's not as big as a crib, but it may help her sleep through the night since she knows that she can't just climb in bed with you.