Saturday, October 2, 2010

30, flirty and Thriving

Well Minus the flirty part, that's me. I turned 30 last month on the 7th and I'm still thriving. Some days it's a lagging thrive but I'm still going strong. I'm not sure what I thought I'd be doing at 30 when I was a kid but I think I've grown a lot and learned a lot and I for sure have the most beautiful little girls and wonderful husband that loves me.
Jolene made the birthday cake and watched the kids while Matthew and I went to dinner at a vietnamese resturant. She let the Kathryn and her son Deven help with the decorating. Sprinkles galore!
No there are not 30 candles but they are in the shape of a 3 and 0. Kathryn had fun telling me Happy Birthday all day.

For my birthday as well Jolene took us to the Mall and Got me a pedicure while she watched the kids play at the kids play ground at the mall. Kathryn got all upset so I had her come sit by me and she got a chair message and they even painted her toes. I think she's hooked. Do you think I started her a little to young for this kind of thing? I didn't get my first pedicure till I was in my 20's.

Kathryn picked Purple for us! She sure loves her nails polished.

Here's to the next 30 years!
And I am not middle aged!

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