Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Catapiller to Butterfly!

Our friends here told us it was butterfly season and they like to go catch monarch butterfly caterpillars to watch change to the chrysalis, to butterfly so we did the same thing. We got this little guy below.
He then turned in to this green thing. Not what I expected but it was sure pretty. It had little gold specs on it!

On our walks to find some good caterpillars on the Milk Weed we came across this little guy, looks like he's wearing a sweater!

And this HUGE Caterpillar. I couldn't believe the size and how fast this big guy was. My friend called this the Komodo Caterpillar.

Back to our guy. After bring green for about 10 days he turned black.
Then see through .You can now see the wings!

Then this is what we would have got if ours would have lived. It died before it came out of the chrysalis but the neighbors had some that came out and we got pictures with their butterfly's.

It was really tickely!

And we had to get Charlotte with one. Even if she was asleep!

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