Saturday, October 2, 2010

Deven and Kathryn

I think this post is mostly for Kathryn's sake. When she's feeling she wants to see her cousins I can open this up and let her have fun looking at the fun she had with Deven.
One of Kathryn's favorite things to play with is her little dog bank. She likes to take the money out and pretend the dog is pooping 'money'. She laughs histarically if I do it for her.
Yes she's wearing her panties. She has some good days and some bad days. Still a diaper girl though. I think she likes the novelty of wearing panties just not the responsiblity behind it. She said today after peeing on the floor that she would have missed Boo! if she had gone to the bathroom. Boo! is her favorite cartoon.

Deven was such a joy to have here. I wish we lived closer to any family. Kathryn has so much fun with her cousins.
Dogpile on mommy! See Kathryn squished in the middle there!

Deven was really good with Charlotte too.

Thanks for visiting with us Deven. You come back anytime too.

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Laura Nyman said...

That's a funny comment from Kathryn that she didn't want to miss the TV show. We have a Baby Bjorn little potty. When Millie is absorbed in a movie, she'll go grab her little potty & sits on it while she continues to watch. I wonder if Kathryn would do the same.