Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tour of the Capital Building

So if that stinking fence wasn't there I'd say I just took my very first professional Postcard picture. I love this picture. The last of the day and it was the best one!

I'm amazed at the detail in these buildings. I can not imagine how hard and long it took to build such a masterpiece.

This was in one of the old meeting rooms for the House but is no longer big enough. This room has such great acoustics that you can stand in one spot of the room and you can hear perfectly what someone is saying in a whisper on the other side of this room. It was fun to think about people eavesdropping on other representatives. when they used th room.

The Ceiling of the Center dome!
Painting around one of the big domes.

Lady Liberty. A smaller version of what is on the top of the capital itself.

We went on Labor day so the house and the Senate sides of the capital were closed for the holiday. I would love to come back and see those sides. I guess I can add that to my list of things to do before we leave this historic part of the country.

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