Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monuments by Moonlight

Thanks to Jolene when she came to visit a month ago... Man I am late on my blogging. Anyway Thanks to Jolene we did a tour that we would not have done and I'm really glad that We did. We got a babysitter for the kids and yes I even left Charlotte. Scary, I've never left her with anyone but my mom. Melanie did a great job and Kathryn was asleep before we even got home. Props to her as I can't even get her to go to sleep...

Here is the tour backwards. We ended at the White House. or Yellow house. Matthew says its because of my shirt that the white house is yellow! ha ha

Vietnam Memorial. I love this memorial. I think it's because my dad could have been called into this war but didn't. He has many friends that are on this wall.
Korean Way Memorial. This one I don't remember from my visit years and years ago. It was quite spooky looking at this statues.

Lincoln Memorial. This has to be my favorite memorial of them all. Dang picture is fuzzy.
Iwo Jima. This is one that I think gets passed over a lot as it is quite far from the capital mall. I'm glad the tour took us to this one.

The Washington Monument. I got a ton of pictures of this one but this one was one of my favorites.

Jefferson Memorial. I wish I new more about this Man. This monument is amazing as all of them are.

The Capital Building. We did a tour of this the next morning so I have better pictures of this to come.

Ji and my Love, Matthew

Jolene and Me on the trolley.

Thank you Jolene for having so many activities to enjoy while you were here! You can come back anytime!

Matthew had me run up the stops of the Jefferson Memorial and he sang the rocky song. He's so silly! but we sure have fun.

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