Monday, October 4, 2010

Pictures of Charlotte

So I haven't posted much about Charlotte Lately, She's getting so big! And it's getting colder out finally so I've got to find me some warm clothes for my little pumpkin. This little jacket is a bit snug around her big belly.

I LOVE this SMILE. I get it all the time!

She really loves her bath time too!

The dreaded tummy time! She's doing good but it still makes her mad after a little bit.
Her PT is going well. I wish I new how much or how little to do. Every night I think back and think, was she on her back to much or did I help strengthen her legs enough? Did I have her sitting up enough? I guess I'm doing good but maybe each day I'll try to be more then good. Charlotte's head is not so bobble head like and sit's pretty good propped up on the couch so She's definitely getting more of what she needs.
Appt's this month: Physical Therapy, Developmental Therapy, Ophthalmology, Spina Bifida Clinic and her 6 month Pediatrician appointment!


Joanna Brimhall said...

6 months?! I can't believe it! I love these pictures. Her smile is so adorable. I miss you and your cute little family!! Give your girls hugs and kisses for me :-)

Cassie said...

She's so cute (both girls are). Caleb was a "bobble head" for a long time!

Jamie said...

Your pictures are adorable, and I know you are doing more than good ;)

Joanna (and David) said...

She's gorgeous! I remember ending each day with "did I do enough?" questions. Our kids are under such a microscope with therapy and clinic appointments - but in truth they are still just BABIES and they'll do what they want in their own time. I think I've relaxed as Jet has gotten older and met more and more milestones. And I've look back at some weeks and thought "we didn't work on that AT ALL but he's doing GREAT!" So I think that took some more pressure off myself. But I remember that worry like it was yesterday. She's gonna do great things! Don't worry. :)