Friday, February 12, 2010


This is right before my feet get soaked!

The Wednesday before my Surgery was a free day for us so we decided to see if we could get to the Pier's but we got on the train and it took us the opposite direction and we ended up at the Beach! It was fun until I got my feet all wet cause Matthew wanted to get a picture of we trying to eat the foam/snow looking fluffs. We were just a little to close to the waves coming in and didn't notice till it was too Late. I did find half a sand dollar at this beach so it wasn't a total waste besides getting my feet wet. Goes to show you really should walk barefoot on the beach even if it's 60 degrees of less out side!

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Alan said...

Heather and Matt,

I read your blog updates today and felt like I needed to comment on your faith and courage and goodness.

Those characteristics show up daily in little Kathryn, and I stand in awe of what you are doing and how you are facing some unknowns with faith in your Heavenly Father that all will be in accord with His will and all will be well for all your family as it continues to grow over time, especially with Charlottes' birth.

Mom and I are grateful to be entrusted with Katheryn while you wait. She is so full of life and goodness and energy to learn and has such joy with life it is amazing to be in her presence. She was sitting in the living room last night playing with her doll and with Charlie, singing "mom and dad", "mom and dad" over and over again, just as happy as can be.

I feel like some of our Skype visits may be disappointing to you because she loses interest too soon and sees something else she wants to explore, but please be confident that she loves you both and will be complete when she is home again with you both and this time with a new baby sister!

I become more and more assured that Heavenly Father sends his dearly loved children, who may have some special needs to be dealt with, to very special parents who have the capability to love, nurture, and care for their children, with unconditional attention to their needs and wants, and who will encourage their kids to be the very best they can become, in whatever that means in each of their individual lives.

Seeing the ultrasound picture on our refrig. door reminds me daily that you are preparing a body for a daughter spirit child of your Father in Heaven's, to come to earth and experience what a family should be like.

May you be blessed and watched over as time draws nearer, and may this birth be successful in all aspects, allowing you to have a great blessing come to you for the rest of your lives. It already has done so for mom and me.

All our love!