Sunday, February 7, 2010

Week 2 of San Fran

So being on limited bed rest is the pits. I know I need to take it easy but come on who can lay in bed all the time. Especially a bed that isn't yours and is actually kind of hard. I guess I shouldn't complain to much as all our accommodations are free including food and transportation to and from the hospital.

I'm feeling much better. I only take the pain meds when I go to sleep at night cause rolling from side to side is still awful sometimes. It's getting better and better every day. Matthew's been making me laugh the last two nights and well it doesn't hurt as bad as it would have the first few nights after surgery.

I'm sorry about no pictures. I've been kind of couped up in this little room we live in. I guess I should take pictures of that and show you all what living is like in a hospital family house. next post to have pictures. I promise.

Kathryn is doing much better. She just likes to get sick I think. She got RSV last weekend and has been on some breathing treatments and antibiotics for the last week but each day I see her on Skype she's talking more and more and looks to be her same enthusiastic self. She's growing up so fast. It's only been 2 weeks and I can tell she's talking way more and just learning so much without me. I feel really sad sometimes that I don't get to be there with her but am filled with love and mostly the spirit telling me it's going to be alright. She's in good hands. which she is. She turns 2 tomorrow. I'm really bummed about missing her birthday but I know my parents and sisters will do her birthday justice. They are having a family party tomorrow night and then hopefully if she's better and no more coughing they'll have one over at our house in Mesa for Kathryn's friends in the ward. Wish I could be there too.

Anyway, I have my first regular visit tomorrow and they should remove some of my limitations. Some of the people in the ward have said we should call anytime we want to do anything and we may get to go to the Temple in Oakland this Saturday depending on the limitations. We may even venture to the Zoo this week. I'll wait till I'm feeling even better so we can spend lots of time at the science center and exploritorium. I've been told the science center is amazing!

Well I'll let you know how my visit goes tomorrow and post some pictures I've taken so far. Not to many I'm afraid. but it will be better then just text for 3 times in a row.

take care and we'll talk soon!


Amanda said...

Hey Heather, I can't believe what you are going through. You are so amazing to be in such good spirits about everything. Thanks for all your updates, I think about you all the time and hope the best for your family.

Rogers Family said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel better and having less pain. We will continue to pray for you. You are awesome!

Joanna Brimhall said...

We had a blast with Kathryn this weekend. She misses you too but she is just such a good kid that it is so fun to be around. I am glad you are doing better. I haven't found the free trials of Netflix yet but I am still looking. Remember we love you!

Joanna and David said...

It's great to hear you staying positive. :) Of course you are allowed moments of un-positive should they happen - I remember tears or worries would sneak up on me out of nowhere and I'd think "Man! I was feeling so good! Where is this sadness coming from?!" and my mom would say it's totally expected and normal. I'm just glad God was with me and keeping me hopeful like He is with you now. Hope you get to get out soon! The zoo would be fun!

Joanna and David said...
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