Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello all my friends.

I have a proposal for each of you. We are really missing Kathryn more then I would like to so we're searching for someone to be able to come out and stay with us for a while so that Kathryn can come out as well. She has to have her own 'support' person. Just in case of emergency, She has to have someone to watch her while Matthew and I go to the hospital.

We'd be happy to pay for all food and you'd get to share a room with the three of us. Not luxury by any means. All we'd ask that you get yourself here. If that is the only thing holding you back we could probable help out in that area as well.

San francisco is a great place! and by the time anyone can get here I'd be full out ready to explore the city with you.

Thanks for your consideration.

Let me know so I can put in a request for a bigger room.

We'd be happy for even just a week or two with our little girl.


Rogers Family said...

oh my gosh heather, this just breaks my heart. you must be missing her so much. i can't even imagine being away from my children like that. i so wish i could do this for you, but can't afford the time off work, plus i have two crazy boys of my own. i will forsure be praying for you guys and praying for someone to have the opportunity to take her to you. love ya

Joanna and David said...

Aww- I really hope you get someone to bring your little Kathryn up there! I know you miss her like crazy! I'd love a San Francisco vacation - but I'm afraid we're stuck here in Ga. Take care and stay positive!