Friday, February 12, 2010


Here we are right in front of where all the seals are laying out.
There's Alcatraz. We didn't take a tour but found out my camera is really good at long distance.

We ate lunch well late lunch at Bubba Gump's . I had Fish and Chips and Matthew had a hge Hamburger of some kind. Then the best part was the Key Lime pie So Yummy!
Pulling back and taking aim to hit...

We stopped at a magic shop down pier 39 and I was certainly amazed at what the magic shop guy was showing us. multiplying balls. money changing from $1's to $5's It was awesome. Magic tricks blow my mind. I can't even fathom how they do some of the stuff they do.

We had a great last day of fun before the not so fun stuff started. We even went to dinner at my new favorite eating place. It's a crepe place and they make the best crepes and french toast ever! We'll Definetly have to go back there before we leave San Fran. It's just a little to far for us to go just yet in my limited condition.

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Captain Micah said...

Wow, Heather...your camera is AWESOME! I am glad you got such a nice one, and the pictures certainly prove it was worth it. What a fun day! I hate getting on the train going in the wrong direction, but I do it at least once every time I'm in NYC. Looks like a very nice pre-surgery day. I hope your feet recovered!