Monday, February 15, 2010

Point Reyes National Park

My Uncle Wayne and Aunt Nancy came to visit their daughter this weekend that lives in Oakland. They invited us to go see a light house with them this past Saturday. Point Reye's national Park and Light house. It was the most beautiful ride there. Took longer then I expected but it was fun anyway. The tree's were so beautiful. It was like we were in the red wood forest and then the landscaped changed to rolling green hills which reminded us of what Scotland would look like. There was a marsh and pastures with cows as well. Along the road we saw a whole bunch of deer and cows. Seems funny to have them all in the same area. In one of the pastures we saw a wolf. That was cool. Down towards where the light house is Matthew and my cousin saw a bob cat. that was so cool! We went to Point Reyes North Beach that is where the video is from and then we went over to the Sea Lion look out is before we could drive up to the light house. This is where the Elephant seal was just laying out on the beach. Crazy.. I didn't think they would actually come up onto the beach like this. We even had to tell some poeple walking back from the water to watch where they were going cause they didn't look like they saw it. It did look kind of like a big rock.

Everything was just so beautiful. And thankfully I have a great camera now that captures the beauty almost better then the human eye. Actually in some cases it did to better. Somehow it captures the light better then my eye does.

We tried to go to Scoma's a Seafood restuarant that my Aunt and Uncle used to go to when my Aunt Donna lived over here. It is in Sausalito. The wait for 8 people was an hour and a half so we decided to come back to our dining row and got them all to try Vietnamese. I think they all liked it except my Uncle. He barely touched anything. We left around 2 in the afternoon and got back around 9:30. I should have taken one of my pills with me as the road was windy and bumpy at times. I felt a lot of those bumps.

Otherwise it was so nice to get out and see some of the beautiful country that is just down the road.

Now we'd like to go to the Muir Woods where Star Wars was filmed with the Ewoks. matthew wants to bring his video camera to that and get some good footage there. I'd expect that that is an amazing site as well.

Enjoy the pictures.

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Captain Micah said...

What beautiful pictures!