Monday, February 15, 2010

Food all Just around the Corner

So I should make a food blog of the places we've gotten to eat at. Our home is just a block away from all sorts of Asian food places. with a splattering of burger/pizza/sandwich places.

Since we eat out probably once or twice a day I thought I'd take pictures of the places that we've been to. Maybe write a little review of the meal it self. I'll see if I remember to start taking pictures of the food itself and not just the outside of the restaurant.

Crepevine was a recent find this weekend. I wanted crepes and Matthew thought he saw one somewhere so we just went out for a walk to find it. We've been twice in the past 3 days. So yummy and they were having a special for Valentines day from the 12-14 for every two entree's you get a free dessert crepe. This is the only one I took a picture of the meal it self. See below. It is amazing!

I think this was called the Milano. It tasted like a lasagna. But fresher!

One of the two burger joints around. Darla's. I like the other one Jenny's but I haven't gotten a picture of that one yet. Oh and see my mode of transportation. I am supposed to take that every where I go. Sometimes it is needed and others I think it just gets in the way.

Villa Romana~ Some really great Italian. Also the most expensive place we've been to yet. We got the family deal. Two appetizers, two Salads, two entree's, and two dessert cookie. All for like $80. This also looked like where the Italian mob would hang out.

Another favorite of course. Jamba Juice. I can't go as often anymore because of having Gestational Diabetes again but we'll go maybe once a week now. instead of 2 or 3.

This is a whole foods type place for just shakes and things. We went here to get a smoothie to help to get my bowels moving from the surgery. It tasted awful but I've been free and clear since then. Sorry gross I know.

Oh I do have a picture of Jenny's burger. This was by far the better burger. We'll have to come here again soon!

We've been to Little Bangkok twice now. The first one we just wanted a little snack before a real dinner later. We got the fried prawns and the deep fried Calamari. It was so yummy.

Ok so Perilla is one we've been to the most. It's just like the Vietnamese place we love at home in Mesa. They even have the black bean drink that We LOVE. They know us because we always get the bean drink no matter what.

Last of this weeks pictures for food. More to come as I didn't start taking pictures till later. This is one of the grocery store's we go to. They are like little convenience stores because of the high price with a grocery store type feel. Not as much stuff but it works as it's just down the street.

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