Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mom's update

It's been a whole month since my surgery. I can't believe we've been here a month already. I guess some days I feel the lengthiness of the stay and others it's just going by so fast. Faster the Better! Anyway, all my doctor visits are great. They are all still amazed at my progress and how well I'm doing. It's fun being called the "poster child" or the "Super star" of the trial! I hoping that means little Charlotte will blow them away like her mom is.

I did get diagnosed with gestational diabetes again. This time I have to take insulin instead of a pill like I did with Kathryn's pregnancy. I just learned how to do that today. It took me awhile to actually poke myself but did it and it didn't even hurt. I have to take a dose right before bed and then one right before breakfast. Because my morning fasting and after breakfast numbers are way to high!

We really haven't done anything fun since the Point Reye's thing but we hope to get out this weekend if the weather cooperates. We might try going down to the piers again or maybe the Zoo. not sure what.

I can't wait for Kathryn to come with my mom March 13. I'm just counting down the days. I can't wait to see my little girl. And Matthew hasn't seen her for 2 months now. We sure need some Kathryn love.

Oh another good thing. I have been really hating my bed lately and needing a chair/ recliner to sleep in and I asked today if there was one in the building and low and behold one of the guys in the office that actually lives here has one and let us take into our room. It's lovely. I'm sitting in it right now. The only comfortable place to sit in the whole place! Makes the room a little tight but we'll manage!

Sorry no pictures I need to update the food part of our journey. we've tried some new places and found a really good pizza place we like and a little cafe for breakfast. The other night on our way for pizza a couple of homeless guys asked us for some money and we didn't have any but at dinner Matthew ordered a large pizza to go to give to these guys. I'm sure they were grateful.

Well other then that not much else is happening. I had to up my dose of nifedapin at night cause I was starting to get contractions early in the morning before my next dose but this has seemed to stop the contractions at night! Hooray

I keep getting asked when the babies coming and well all I can say, I hope for no earlier then 35 weeks and for sure by 37 weeks. So I have 6 - 8 more weeks and then 2 weeks after she's born for sure! so 8-10 weeks and we should be able to come home!!!


DaNelle said...

Oh Gosh, sorry about the gestational diabetes, you were trying so hard to hold that off! Of course you're a superstar, you're Heather! By the way, I need some tips on getting pregnant.

Jessalee said...

I am so glad everything is going so well for you. I am sure little Charlotte will amaze the doctors when she finally arrives. Thanks for the updates Heather. I love seeing things go right for good people!

Joanna and David said...

Once again it's good to hear you staying positive. :) SO GLAD that baby Charlotte is sitting pretty and staying put! She needs that time for sure. It will be amazing if she can stay safe inside mommy as long as the docs want her too. I know it's hard for you - you just want to see her! :) Hang in there and enjoy that recliner!