Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3.6 mile walk to a theater

Last Friday we decided to go see Percy Jackson, the Lightning Thief and the closest theater is 3.6 miles away from us. So Matthew felt like getting a lot of exercise so we walked, well I walked a mile of it and then Matthew pushed me the rest of the way. Which is saying a ton cause it's not very flat here in San Francisco. But we got some cool pictures along the way.

This is from the 7th floor of the theater. Yep this was a 12 story theater. Every 3 floors there was 4 theaters. Crazy huh. My first multi-level theater.

Which one is me, ha ha

This house was just awesome. Gold and very shiny. This picture doesn't do it justice but well just know it was cool!

Matthew really likes this house/office building. He says he wants one like this with the rock on the outside so he can rock climb the walls. I'm totally ok with that!

This was just a really awesome tree. I love all the greenery here and foliage. It's beautiful.

I window into another world. or just the place where swamp thing lives.

Some more pretty flowers and foliage along the road.

This was a really long walk for both of us. I know I couldn't have walked the whole way but being pushed in a wheelchair isn't that much better. especially with all the bumpy sidewalks. The only smooth sidewalk we've found here is over by the piers. We went there last night for dinner. Well I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll try to take a bunch more of how pretty this place really is.


Joanna Brimhall said...

I love these pictures. Its nice to see the places that aren't all brown and flat all the time. I bet Matt will be tough when you come home from pushing you up all those hills!

Rogers Family said...

great pics! Heard you're not feeling so good lately. Please know that I continue to pray for you and your little family. Hang in there girly, you're almost there! Love ya.

Sankat said...

San Fran is beautiful! How wonderful that you really get to enjoy the city so much.