Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Muir Woods

Our last day with Kathryn was spent walking around the Muir Woods. Famous for the filming spot of Return of the Jedi where the Ewoks live.

It was beautiful! The redwoods there were amazing. I loved every moment except for the fact that my back hurt most of the time. It was still so amazing to be out in such a wonderful place. How can anyone say there is no God in a place like that. That could not have been an accident.

Kathryn was a cutie in there too. My little Ewok. She was so determined to walk all by herself. So many people had to do a double take on our little cutie.

There was one section called I think the Quiet Cathedral. It was so quite. Couldn't hear a thing. Which was amazing as there was a stream right next to us. The tree's must have just stopped everything.

Kathryn fell asleep before we even got out of the park. Then slept all the way home as well. I got to play with her all afternoon. She was such a joy. Everyone here at the family house adored her. She loved playing with one of the kids here Kristian.

My mom and she left that night. It was so sad to see them go but I could tell I was getting more worn out then I should have.

We only have one more month and Skype will have to do!

I hope you enjoyed our little week with Kathryn I sure did!

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Jessica said...

Wow! I found your blog tonight and was so excited for you to be embarking on the San Fran Journey. We were in you shoes last year at this time. We made it 35 weeks and will be out their in June for our 1 year eval. I swear the surgery made all the difference in the world for us. Good LUCK! P.S. awesome that you are walking around. It was'nt doing that good.