Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just me again

So I'm 31 weeks today. Hooray for making into the 30 week range! Anything goes now! we'll wait another 5 weeks to have her though well that's my hope.

I still have appointments all day Mondays and now next week I have to start having the BPP testing m(stress test on the baby) twice a week. Monday and Thursday's are my days at the doctors office.

They keep uping my insulin for fasting and breakfast, we might get it right someday.

We're in the new room here at the family house so that we have room for my mom and kathryn to come this Saturday!! Hooray!! It's the nicest room on the 3rd floor for sure. I don't know if I'll want to give it up after they leave. but we don't need a room with 3 beds and a really nice closet...

We haven't been doing much lately. Matthew has a deadline to meet for Monday and has been working hard so I don't get to go out without him. I've been reading a series of the Enchanted Forest. It's a fun book that I've been picking out one of the smaller characters and telling Matthew the story from that perspective instead of the main character. It's fun since the last book's character was a rabbit that turned into a 6 foot rabbit, that turned into a 7 ft donkey that turned blue, then grew wings then floated above the floor 6 inches then became insubstanial back to a regular rabbit throughout the book. Interesting stuff. This last book I picked a little gold lizard named Suz. who likes to stand on his tail and can tell if your lieing or telling the truth.

I've also been sleeping a lot which makes it hard to want to sleep at night. I need a happy medium here. maybe try shorter naps..

I've also been typeing up some letters that my mom sent over that she had written to her parents. It's intersting the types of things I'm learning about my mom when there were just 4 of us girls around. I was the best baby... ha ha I also got to type up the letter that my dad sent to my mom's parents to ask permission to marry her. Matthew had a hayday with this one cause my dad sent the letter after he had proposed and my dad gave Matthew a hard time cause he didn't talk with my dad until after he had proposed to me and not before.

Everything looks good so far with the baby and myself. Everyone is still impressed with how I'm doing and how things are going for us.

well this is too long and I have no new pictures to post so next time I'll be ready for some new pictures. hope this wasn't to boring of a read if you actually got through it.


Chris, Liz, and Baby Em said...

Woohoo getting into the "30" week range!! I'm hoping baby Charlotte waits several more weeks for you guys as well!

We're keeping you and baby in our prayers and wishes for good health!!

Rogers Family said...

Yay!! Be sure and take tons of pics when you're visitors come! I bet you're so excited to hold your little girl in your arms. I can't imagine being away from my kiddos for such a long time. Have fun and don't over do it girly! Love ya

Fowler Farm said...

Heather! It has been forever. I have lost track of you over the last little while. I know you moved. I remember hearing it or seeing it somewhere. Where did you move again? And it looks like you have been having some troubles with your pregnancy, but things are going well? Email me and give me an update.

Talk to you soon